Time for giving

Dig deep.  Gather up blankets you’re not using, socks without a match, that old coat that’s been hanging in the closet forever and give ’em up.  You don’t need that stuff, someone else does.  A homeless person, a person who is less fortunate than you, a person or maybe even a family in need.

This coming Saturday, December 22nd, 2012, bring all that to Tsunami Books in Eugene.  The Eugene Caldera Songwriters Group, a collective of songwriters that meets once a month in Eugene, Oregon, is throwing a concert to benefit the Egan Warming Center.  Artists scheduled to perform include Beth Wood, Jeffrey Martin, Laura Golden, Michael Kevin Daly, Melissa Ruth and many more.

Every penny, every stitch of clothing, all proceeds go to the Egan Warming Center.  Eugene Brewery Ninkasi is getting in on the act and donating beer!

Things get underway at 7:00 pm at 26th and Willamette in Eugene.  See you there!