Jennifer Batten guitar clinics

Jennifer Batten at McKenzie River Music in Eugene

Jennifer Batten brings her guitar clinic to Eugene, Oregon on October 15th 2012 and ABC Music in Salem, Oregon on October 12th.

Satori Bob – new CD!

The new Satori Bob record is in my hand! Woohoo! It’s aptly titled Strangely Familiar and while I’m familiar with many of the tunes, there are a couple of surprises too.  It’s truly original Americana music that brings to mind Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and yet Satori Bob is accessible and melodic in ways those great artists sometimes are not.

Strangely Familiar has already seen the light of day in the New England area while Satori Bob played a few dates there in September 2012.

Check ’em out here:

David Jacobs-Strain

At just 29 years old , the man has been in the music business for fifteen years.  Fifteen! Do you think he’s learned a thing or two along the way? Highly intelligent, (and he comes by it naturally, his parents are highly intelligent, nice people) unbelievably musical and wonderfully patient, David personifies what is right about music today.  He follows his muse yet works with his management team to keep his business going.  Impressive man, great talent.  Go buy a ticket to the next David Jacobs-Strain show.


Jennifer Batten now on the REG roster

I have been a fan of Jennifer Batten’s for many years.  From her work with Michael Jackson to her solo guitar work and of course, her amazing work with Jeff Beck.  Now, the Remarkable Entertainment Group is proud to represent Jennifer in the next phase of her career.  She has a one-woman multi-media show with video, original music and music from her days with Jackson.  Jennifer is truly one of the world’s finest guitarists and I’m delighted to assist on the booking side of her business.  Look for upcoming gigs, including guitar clinics and dance hall shows on our calendar page soon!


The McG’s Coffee & Celtic tour

The McG’s (that’s me n’ Hannah) are hitting the road this weekend to perform at the Choochokum Arts Festival at Langley, Washington.  That’s Whidbey Island.  It’s gorgeous there and the weather will cooperate nicely.  Join us as we perform at 11:00 am on Saturday, July 7th 2012.

On Sunday, find yourself down at Portland Saturday Market at 11:30 am for our presentation of the Celtic at that stage.  Coffee and Celtic, we’re calling it.  Hannah likes tea but she’s not writing this and I like coffee.

Hope to see you!


Jeffrey Martin named as a finalist for Mountain Stage New Song contest

This is good news.

Eugene based singer songwriter Jeffrey Martin has been named and will perform as a finalist at the Mountain Stage New Song contest at the Lincoln Center in New York City on October 20th.  Check it out:


Radio Americana on KLCC tonight at 9:30 Pacific

Music tonight featuring the Zen Cowboy, Mr. Chuck Pyle, who has several shows in Oregon this coming week.  Also, new music from Norah Jones, Janiva Magness, Coty Hogue and much more.  It’s ninety minutes of Americana tonight at 9:30 Pacific on KLCC 89.7 Eugene, Oregon or streaming at  You know you want it – Radio Americana!

Your Host,

Sean McGowan

Radio Americana is official!

I know it’s news you’ve all been waiting for…Radio Americana has been a “fill-in” show after Nancy Lavelle took “Sisters” off the air but today I received word that Radio Americana is off probation and on the schedule! Woo Hoo!  So listen tonight at 9:30 pm Pacific time as I feature Jonathan Byrd and Chris Kokesh.  They’re touring through Oregon this week so I’ll give you a smidge of what they call The Barn Birds.  Lots more good stuff too at 89.7 KLCC and streaming at


Radio Americana tonight at 9:30 Pacific

Rita Hosking, Darrell Scott, Chris Isaak, Scott Austin…these are just a few of the artists you’ll hear tonight on Radio Americana when you tune in to 89.7 KLCC in Eugene, Oregon or streaming on line at   Come on! 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm tonight!


Radio Americana tonight!

With nothing else to do on a Monday evening, quite naturally you’ll tune your radio to KLCC-FM in Eugene, Bend, Central Oregon Coast, Roseburg and around the globe streaming online at Tonight featuring Rita Hosking and more contemporary Americana artists.  9:30 pm to 11:00 pm Pacific Time, it’s Radio Americana!