The Remarkable Entertainment Group is an artist management and consulting agency connecting passionate artists to satisfied concert presenters and happy fans. We merge our skills with the tools provided by the artists to further their careers.

Founded by Sean E. McGowan the Remarkable Entertainment Group represents a variety of artists and entertainers, including jazz, blues and folk musicians, rock bands, magicians and comedians.  More than just a talent agency, the Remarkable Entertainment Group is a booking, management and consulting business.

Based in Bradenton, Florida the Remarkable Entertainment Group books local, regional and North American tours and shows as well as providing management and promotional guidance to its artist clients.

Concert presenters, arts organizations and talent buyers appreciate the exciting, professional entertainers on our roster plus the access and service our staff provides.

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Interning? – we need you!

We need help with data entry, research and preparation of promotional material.  Really exciting stuff, we know, but you gotta start somewhere right? Need college credit?  We’re happy to help you help us help you.  Call or email today!

Are you an artist looking for representation?

How does an artist know when they need an agent? It’s not an easy question to answer but if an artist is taking more calls than making than that is a strong indication that an artist needs help.

An agent is just one part of the artists’ business team.  Sometimes getting the gig is easy but advancing the gig requires a great deal of time, effort and money.  Who is going to do the marketing work once the gig is confirmed?

How do you get known to us? Send an email with your current information.  Approach us as you would approach a talent buyer for a gig.   Most everyone wants to see video before they buy. If you have a promo pack, send it to us via the p.o. box on the contact page.

We’re always scouting talent!